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As your Technology Partner it is our responsibility to ensure that your system stays online and up to date at all times. Our role as an integrator is to bring together numerous different systems and manufacturers into one streamlined control system. There are many reasons why it is important to regularly maintain these systems but primarily so they remain compatible and can benefit from any future improvements which are available from software or firmware updates.

When you make an important investment in your home, we believe it is important that it is maintained to ensure that it remains top tuned, robust and stable. You would not spend the equivalent sum on a car and not take it to the main dealer for regular servicing.

We offer an aftercare package to all our clients upon completion of a project. We can also takeover existing systems and provide aftercare if needed.

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    I paid for deeper technical assessment, they understood what it was, asked questions that no other providers had asked.

    Unbelievable system, excellent all-round quality, and all-round value.

    Their approach was excellent, no-one in the industry who have been as considerate of our needs, and they try to accommodate what we need rather than trying to give us what they had.

    They are head and shoulders above any other AV company in the London area, that I’ve interacted with

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    Contact us to discuss your unique needs and requirements, we’re here to provide you with exceptional support and guidance. At My AV Support, we understand that every smart home is different, and that’s why we believe in a personalised approach. Our team of experts is eager to listen to your specific needs, answer any questions you may have, and help you find the ideal aftercare solutions for your smart home systems.